Get paid for answering startups surveys & questions

Start earning additional income by becoming an IdeaClarity partner and helping founders and startups get clarity through feedback via short surveys or quick one-to-one meetings.

01.Sign Up

Answer a few questions about yourself, interest, hobbies, & experiences.

02.Get Client Requests

Get added to our list of participants, and selected when a request comes in that matches your attributes.

03.Complete Requests

Confirm and take part in requests you feel match your interests, experience of skills.

04.Get Paid

Complete the clients survey or 1-to-1 meeting and once complete, get paid directly to your bank.

Get Paid For Being You.

Help us help startups & founders verify their ideas simply by being yourself.

The startup world is one where early-stage feedback and insight can save time and money later. This is why we partner with genuine, everyday people interested in startups who want to make a little extra cash. People just like you.

Connect With Founders.

You will be connected with founders and startups who are still figuring out their target market and/or product.

Discuss Topics of Interest.

Take part in surveys and discussions on topics that interest you and that you enjoy talking about.

Your Opinions & Insight.

Give your honest opinions on the ideas suggested and questions asked. It is your opinion that is valuable.

Pick & Choose Requests.

Choose requests that interest you and would like to be a part of. And ignore the ones that don‘t spark excitement or interest.

Only When It Suits You.

You can decide when you want to take on requests and when you don‘t. Let IdeaClarity work for you.

Earn $ For Your Time.

Get paid for completing requests and feedback on how valuable the individuals found your insight.

How It Works

We handle all the connecting, you just confirm or reject requests.

It has never been easier to make passive income. We find the clients, gather the information and invite you to requests we think you may find interesting. All you have to do is review, accept those you like, and participate in short surveys/quick meetings.

Surveys & Meetings

You can choose what sort of requests you want to take part in.

We give two options when it comes to providing value to our clients. Quick surveys or short 1-to-1 meetings. As a partner, you can choose which types of responses you want to participate in.

Quick Surveys

Surveys will be created by the client and sent directly to you to complete as you like within the allotted timeframe.

Average Task Time5 - 10 Minutes
Average Task Pay$5 - $10
    Surveys are great if you...
  • Don’t like live, 1-to-1 calls
  • don’t have stable internet
  • Have a poor quality mic and/or camera
  • Want to work through it at your own pace
  • Don’t have time to sit down and chat

Short Meetings

Meetings are 15-minute, one-to-one, live calls hosted by the client in which they will ask you questions about their idea.

Average Task Time15 Minutes
Average Task Pay$20 - $35
    Meetings are great if you...
  • Want to earn more per request (avg 50% more)
  • Prefer chatting over writing
  • Want to make real, human connections
  • Find surveys hard to complete/tedious
  • -

Ready to become a partner and start earning whilst helping startups?

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