Get clarity on your ideas before you start building.

Stop burning time & money chasing bad ideas. Discuss your startup idea or new feature with those with interest, experience or expertise in your target area.

Who Is This For?

Vet your ideas before you start working on them.

Have an idea for a startup, product or service? Confirm it with your target market before you commit.

The Explorer

Uncover an idea.

You have noticed a problem people face daily and want to take time to talk to others about their personal experiences and discuss potential solutions.

The Analyst

Confirm a solution.

You have researched, talked it over, and set on a rough idea. Now, it is time to talk to potential users to understand what they need and want to see.

The Builder

Expand a product.

You already have a successful product, but it is time to improve or expand it. Talk directly to those you want to attract with these new changes.

How It Works

Connect with individuals who fit your target market

We have a database of people with various professional attributes, ready to answer questions and discuss your ideas.

Why Use Idea Clarity?

Quality, pre-qualified participants, quick turnarounds, and more.

Everything we do, is to help you verify your idea as quickly, efficiently and pain-free as possible.

Targeted Market

Get feedback from a particular set of individuals who match your target market requirements.

Curated Partners

All of our users are chosen due to their unique, individual attributes, insights & interest in providing valuable feedback.

Hand-Picked Users

The users we connect you with will be hand-selected to fit your unique requirements, attributes and market(s).

Quick Turn Arounds

The startup world moves quickly, so we will have a list of contributors together within 48 hours of receiving your request info.

Scalable Solutions

Start with a small user group, and scale up as you need to. Whether exploring many ideas or focusing on one.

One to One Meetings

Our one-to-one meetings allow you to ask any initial questions and follow up with live responses as they come.

Bulk Survey Responses

After sharing your survey with our selected users, we aim to complete all user responses/submissions within 48-72 hours.

Helpful Support

If you have any questions or issues during any part of the process, we are here to provide support as quickly as possible.

External Insight

Get insights outside of your circle of contacts, and within your potential target markets, without any additional work.

Verified Users

To keep quality and value high, we use social media & other techniques to verify our users are genuine and unique.


After supplying us with all your information, our process is fully automated and allows you to be hands-off.


Simple pricing, that allows you to test the waters.

To keep things simple, we offer 2 packages. One that is hands-off, one more hands-on. Either way, both are focused on providing value and clarity.

Questionnaire Package
$9910 questionaire responses

You submit a questionnaire, and we will send it to 10 hand-picked participants who match your requested attributes and/or experience.

Interview Package
$2505 fifteen minute calls

We will hand-pick 5 participants that best align with your needs and will set up a 15-minute call for you to discuss your ideas and questions.

Clarity Bundle
$325Questionaire & Interview packages

Get access to both the questionnaire and interview package. Allow you to get initial survey responses and follow up with one-to-one meetings.


Answers for your questions.

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